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 An athlete's endurance levels can make a real difference in their performance and success. To build them up, here are a few tips Athletic Republic in Heber, UT has put together for you.

How to Build Up Your Physical Endurance

How far you can go, how much you can carry, how high you can jump, how fast you can throw, among others, are all activities that are associated with a person's endurance levels. Needless to say, if you're an athlete, having high resistance is incredibly important, which is why you work on building it up. To help you on your journey towards improved endurance, here are a few tips you can follow.

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Eat Nutritious and Balanced Meals

"You are what you eat". You've surely heard this saying. And while it may seem kind of surreal, it holds some truth to it: your body will be healthy, energized, and able to perform if you feed it well-balanced, nutritious meals. For example, you can give yourself a boost of energy beforehand with a light, healthy-carb meal 30-60 minutes prior to working out. If you want your body to recover faster and build muscle easier, you can have a protein-filled meal afterward.

Replenish the Water in Your Body

As you know, when you work out, you sweat to help keep your body temperature down. However, if you don't do a good job at replenishing that lost liquid, you can feel dizzy and tired, which are signs of dehydration. In the most extreme of cases, you could end up fainting in the middle of your training session! To avoid that, remember to drink enough water (8 glasses a day is the norm, but you may need more if you do strenuous activities).

Stay Away From Unhealthy Behaviors

Your endurance can also be hindered by your habits. For example, if you smoke, if you don't have restful nights, if you don't eat enough, or if you eat lots of junk food, you can bet you won't be able to resist as much as an athlete who takes good care of their body and health. Engage in healthy habits to ensure your body will be completely ready to give you its all during your next training sessions.

Don't Forget to Warm Up and Cool Down

If you're an athlete, then you know how important it is to warm up and cool down. If you start working out without warming up, you can feel that it's not possible to perform at full capacity, since your muscles aren't ready to do so. Likewise, if you don't cool down, you may end up injured which, of course, will have an impact on your athletic endurance. Always warm up with dynamic stretching and light cardio, and cool down with full stretches to increase your resistance.

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Work on Controlling Your Breathing

How you breathe can deeply influence how much you can give during your training sessions. That's why, when you're working out, you should be aware of your breathing. The correct way to do it is to match your breathing rhythm to your movements (i.e. how you breathe will depend on what you're doing). In any case, be sure to breathe in deeply through your nose until you fill your tummy with air, and to breathe out slowly through your mouth.

Do Strength Training and Plyometrics

While running and cardio will help you improve your endurance, engaging in other types of exercise can help you get better results. For instance, strength training with weights and doing plyometrics will give you stronger muscles (which will help you perform better) and increased cardiovascular resistance. Before you engage in these, however, talk to your trainer to get a clue on what moves you should do to improve in your specific sport.

Reduce Your Resting Time Little By Little

Higher resistance means that you don't have to stop to catch your breath as much. So, logically, what you can do is reduce your resting time little by little. Every time you work out, remember to push a bit harder, to go a bit further, and to be ready to go again faster, all so you can reach your goal. Of course, don't overdo it; you should know your boundaries and listen to your body, so you don't get injured or faint due to exhaustion.

Change Up Your Routine

As a final tip, be sure to change up your routine every so often (for instance, every two weeks). This is because your body can get used to a routine pretty quickly (especially since you're an athlete). As you know, if you're not being challenged, you're not improving, so you will need to create a new routine that will keep your body working hard. Working with a trainer can help you know how to modify your routine so you can continue developing as an athlete.

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