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The 3 Secrets to Transforming Potential into Performance

When every athlete in theory has the capability to be their best and to reach their full potential, why do so many athletes fail to achieve their performance goals? What keeps an athlete on JV instead of Varsity, or on the bench instead of...
 The heat during the summer months can completely change how you train. If you'd like to keep working out successfully, however, here are few tips so the high temperatures don't bring you down.

How to Work Out During the Summer Months

Summer is synonymous with sunshine, beaches, and...
 An athlete's endurance levels can make a real difference in their performance and success. To build them up, here are a few tips Athletic Republic in Heber, UT has put together for you.

How to Build Up Your Physical Endurance

How far you can go, how much you can carry, how high you...
 While your presence, your focus, and your will power are absolutely necessary when you're working out, they're not all you need to have a successful training session. To help you ensure you'll have the necessary equipment, here's a checklist you can use.

Your Workout Equipment

  1. Depending on...

The new year brings with it new resolutions and new goals, as athletes look forward to their next season. A preparation plan starts to take shape as knowledge gained from the last season and a timeline for pre-season training is established. The NCAA recommends, “a progressive comprehensive...